Cortland Insurance: Nationwide Coverage Based in the Big Apple

Est. 1995

  • Joseph Aszknazy


    President & CEO Joe Aszknazy draws on 35+ years of insurance experience to execute the firm’s strategic direction and ongoing operations. Adept at analyzing the unique and intricate needs and risks across multiple industries, he applies his extensive knowledge and experience to every risk.

    His foray into the world of insurance began in the early 1980s, while working as a controller in what was then a leading real estate development company. There, he oversaw a team of over 200 employees and 60+ concurrent, full-scale construction projects. Interested in creating an in-house insurance department, the company sent Joe to an accelerated training program at the Aetna Insurance home office in Hartford, Connecticut. By the mid-80s, Joe had managed several insurance agencies and in 1995 he established Cortland Insurance. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Joe holds a fundamental belief that success in business carries with it a responsibility to “give back.” Under his leadership, Cortland Insurance maintains an ongoing involvement in numerous charitable organizations and projects that benefit communities and individuals in need.

  • Jack Aszknazy


    Jack Aszknazy, a principal agent at Cortland Insurance, joined the company in 2016. Jack’s career choice was a natural culmination of the many vacation days and after-school hours he spent in his father’s busy insurance office when he was growing up. By the time Jack officially assumed his position at the company, he had an understanding of the industry that far exceeded that of most entry level agents.

    Since joining Cortland, Jack has demonstrated an exceptional ability to match appropriate insurance products to the risks and needs of his clients. His thorough business research methods and meticulous attention to detail help ensure that each client’s unique risk exposure is adequately addressed.

About Us

We’ll guide you through the intricate maze of insurance products available and help you obtain the appropriate level of coverage.

Our company was founded in August of 1995 by Joe Aszknazy, an experienced entrepreneur with a solid insurance background.

Cortland Insurance works with some of America’s largest and most reliable insurance providers to create an array of customized insurance packages for our clients. When you work with us, you get a team of seasoned professionals who understand your unique needs and specialize in crafting the precise level of coverage necessary. In the past year alone, we’ve saved our clients over $20 million in coverage costs by creating custom insurance plans precisely suited to their needs and requirements.

For over two decades, we’ve been a trusted source of expert guidance, wide-ranging knowledge, and steadfast advocacy for individuals and businesses throughout the US.

Let us guide you through the intricate maze of available insurance products and help you obtain the appropriate level of coverage.

Company Metrics

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    25+ years in business

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    Licensed in 15 states

  • 5000+

    Over 5000 satisfied clients

Our Team

  • Jack Aszknazy

  • Joseph Aszknazy

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